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Want to affiliate your site with Forgotten Valley? If you know how to affiliate with a site, skip the rest of this paragraph. Affiliating with this site will increase the number of visitors to both your site and this one. To affiliate with Forgotten Valley, add one of the affiliation buttons below to a place on your site that is visible on all pages and link back to this site. Next, contact an administrator and tell them you would like to affiliate with Forgotten Valley and link them to your site. They will analyze your site, and if it meets our standards, we will add an affiliate button for your site to the bar on the right. Pretty simple.

Our standards are not too high, but there are requirements. Your site must be open, for one. This means no hiatus or extremely long downtime. It also must have original content. Or at least an attempt at it. No forums that are just forums. A site with a forum is ok however. Finally, appearance is important. If your site is just white with a bunch of links and some original game, we probably won't affiliate with you.

We will use a button the same size as the one you choose.

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