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Do you think you've got what it takes to make it through The Decoder, a game in which you have to figure out a series of codes? The codes get progressively harder as you go, and you can only progress through the game by decoding each one. A basic knowledge of pokemon is needed, however it is based mostly on logic. Each page will have a word or phrase in code that you need to advance. Once you figure out the code, insert it at the end of the URL. For example, if the answer to question 1 was Vespiquen, you would type in the URL Make sure to include the question number and a hyphen before the answer. There are no spaces. Also, make sure to capitalize the first letter of each word. If it is wrong, you will go to an error page, but if it is correct, you will be brought to the next question.

Chatot will aid you on your quest. Click on him, and he will give you hints. Sometimes he will not be able to figure anything out, so you'll be on your own.

There will be a section on the forum to discuss this and work on it as a group. Try not to just give others the answers however, actually work on it as a group.

Once you think you are ready, click here to start.


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