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Welcome to the Forgotten Valley!

ZuloPosted by Zulo, August 28, 2009.

Hello world! I've done a little bit of work in the past few days. Got a lot done on the registration system thanks to DX-MON. Also added the Affiliation page with the 3 affiliation buttons. The Pokedex will be put off for the time being, it's really too much of an undertaking even to set up for just one person. I guess I could do it, but I'd rather spend my time making other things. Especially since I can't write scripts...

Let's see... I added a Fan-Fiction page, but there aren't any yet, so I won't put it up yet. If someone could submit one or two, that would be fantastic.

Two new games have been added. The Decoder, which is not finished yet, and Mew Hunt. Good luck hunting for Mew, it's not easy! (Hint: It will turn your mouse into a link arrow when you scroll over the correct spot.) I am on #5 of The Decoder. Can you make it that far? You won't know if you got #4 right yet though, as the next page has not been created.

My updated to-do list (Now in order of importance with percentage complete):

- Registration (30%)
- Add advertisements to pay off server (20%)
- Finish The Decoder (10%)
- Make at least 10 renders per generation and fix up the existing ones (30%)
- Finish Vespi-bot (40%)
- Add polls (0%)
- Add Leo's story (waiting for him to finish) (25%)
- Add more stuff to the Art Showcase, possibly reformat. (40%)
- Custom smiley set (Forums) (15%)
- Optimize codes
- Possibly make adoptables

As you can see, most of this stuff is not close to being done... Expect Registration, Advertisements, and possibly the Decoder by the next update.

See you next time!



Pokemon Jeopardy!


ZuloPosted by Zulo, August 25, 2009.

I know I know, there haven't been really any updates. I've been on vacation, and still have a week left. However, I have started to work on the site some more, and have started by moving the Shoutbox to a separate page. It will remain on every page of the forum, but it was a bit annoying on the site.

Here is my to-do list of things that need to be done before I start advertising and getting affiliates...

- Registration
- Affiliate Page
- Finish Vespi-bot
- Add advertisements to pay off server
- Add Leo's story (waiting for him to finish)
- Rethink pokedex- maybe later?
- Make at least 10 renders per generation
- Add another game
- Possibly make adoptables
- Art Showcase (Yes I do have to =P)
- Smiley Set (Forums)
- Change activation e-mail message and add right sidebar to registration page

It's a pretty long list, but I don't think it will take too long. Once I make registration, I'll let Spear add his stuff as well. I think he had this webcam thing he wanted to add.


ZuloPosted by Zulo, June 1, 2009.

Welcome to the Forgotten Valley Main Site! So far there is not much here (not anything as I type this), but keep your eyes peeled for more! Be sure to check out the forums for updates!


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